Nimrod Barak

Managing Director
Global Head of Citi’s Innovation Labs & Emerging Technologies Centers of Excellence

Nimrod Barak

Nimrod Barak is the Global Head of the Citi Innovation Labs and Citi’s Emerging Technologies Centers of Excellence. His large global organization (staff of 600+ employees) spans across all regions with large innovation centers in NY, London, Singapore, Tel-Aviv and Dublin, and serves the entire firm.

The Innovation labs focus on Digital solutions, Emerging technologies and transformation topics, while providing a broad range of services from end-to-end product delivery, through startup programs and external innovation, venture investing and more.

Nimrod also established the firm’s Emerging Technologies Centers of Excellence (CoE) for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT/Blockchain) which focus on setting standards and best practices for adoption of emerging technologies across the firm.

In addition to the Innovation Labs and the CoEs, Nimrod leads a large technology organization that supports the ICG (Institutional Clients Group) with mission critical solutions for Document Management and Digitization. This large global unit provides cutting edge solutions based on AI and NLP to support transformation and automation roadmaps of various business units across the firm.

Nimrod joined Citi in early 2018 and has over 20 years of industry experience as an executive leader in technology and innovation. He also owns more than 25 patents in the enterprise software space in areas such as AI, BigData, Mobile and Knowledge Management.